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Announcing AI@The House

AI@The House is a new initiative bringing together top AI researchers, the best mature AI companies, and the best AI startups to build a global center-of-gravity of AI activity located in Berkeley. The first core initiative of AI@The House is a new AI-focused startup support program.


The House is a startup institute built for Berkeley, and home to Berkeley’s founders.

We help build foundations for great businesses with a support platform providing founders at all stages with what they need, when they need it. We often partner with our sister organization, The House Fund, to host events and help cultivate the entrepreneurship community.



Since our 2016 launch, we’ve backed over 50 startups with a roughly even split amongst faculty founders, students preparing to pursue their venture full-time, alumni of the graduate programs, and alumni of the undergraduate programs.


Venture Capital Raised

Some of Our Portfolio

Recent Press

A few articles about The House and the companies that we’ve supported

Our Companies Are Funded By Leading Investors

Startup Space

Our award winning startup space is located right across the street from UC Berkeley’s campus. It serves as the home for Berkeley’s entrepreneurship ecosystem and as an office space for the companies and community that we support.

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