About Us

The House is a startup institute built for Berkeley, and home to Berkeley’s founders. We help build foundations for great businesses with a support platform providing founders at all stages with what they need, when they need it. We’re working with exceptional founders to build the next generation of Berkeley’s top startups.


Our team has been building grassroots organizations to support Berkeley entrepreneurs and startups for the last six years – first as students and now full-time.

When we first arrived on campus as students, we began searching for resources and entrepreneurs who could share their own experiences, but we couldn’t find a community or set of resources to plug into. We decided to band together with other aspiring student entrepreneurs and build the resources and community we wish existed.

By the time we graduated, our programs sparked over 50 startups that raised over 50 million in funding and engaged thousands of students via our community and events ecosystem. This was the start of a multi-year, cross-organization endeavor that eventually spawned The House.


We believe a University ecosystem is an ideal place to start up and Berkeley’s is one of the best in the world. Our story is part of a much bigger movement happening on campus right now as student entrepreneurship has evolved into a growing and integral part of the Berkeley experience.

Cal alumni have also founded some of the world’s most transformative companies (including Apple, Tesla, Intel, …) and alums continue to build a new generation of companies that will improve how we work and live (including Databricks, TubeMogul, Tanium, …).

We’re working hard with our founders to bring even more of this innovation into the world by creating forward-looking businesses that will define new industries, sow the seeds of economic expansion, and improve the way we live and work.

We see no community better suited to creating this future than Berkeley’s student, faculty, and alumni entrepreneurs. Go Bears!


Our goal is to provide Berkeley founders with personalized support that delivers what they need, when they need it to be successful. To deliver the best support, we’re taking a different approach with our model.

We’ve built The House to account for the diversity of founders within a University setting and to engage Cal’s 500,000 alumni to build the next generation of Cal startups. We enable students, faculty, and alumni – whether they are an active founder or not – to engage with a specific program, as a function of their stage, needs, and interests.

We believe there is a strong need to develop a new type of institution at the intersection of universities and startups to better enable university students and researchers to bring innovation to the market. We’ve set up The House to enable us to foster the next generation of talent and startups while also capturing and returning value to the ecosystem and the alumni network.

Our Space

Our award winning space was designed by an amazing team of UC Berkeley graduates, Fennie+Mehl Architects, Haworth, and Principal Builders – a team that has designed and built offices for Dropbox, GitHub, and many other iconic companies.

We’ve built The House to be a home for Berkeley’s entrepreneurship community. Our space serves as our offices, offices for many of our companies, drop-in space for our student community, and an event space.

Credit: Architect and Designer — FENNIE + MEHL Architects | Photographer — Omied Arvin