Applications for The House Residency closed on March 23rd! Late applications will be accepted for a short period of time. 

AI@The House

AI@The House is bringing together the best AI researchers, the best mature AI companies, and the best AI startups to build a new global center-of-gravity of AI activity located in Berkeley.
The House and pioneering artificial intelligence researchers from UC Berkeley are launching the new endeavor to help build the next generation of industry defining AI startups.

We’re building an ecosystem for AI in which fundamental theoretical advances, innovative algorithms, and efficient system implementations can be brought to bear on timely problems that have high value and high-societal impact with the outcome of well-funded new startup companies that are positioned to deliver these solutions.

Our first initiative is an accelerator for startups who are leveraging AI to build industry-defining products. We look forward to sharing more in the coming months about the other initiatives that we’re launching as part of AI@The House.

The Accelerator

The first core initiative of AI@The House is a new AI-focused startup accelerator program.
We’re here to provide game-changing support to AI startups. Participating startups get access to a world-class AI technical expertise and network. The AI Accelerator is built as an AI focused track on top of the accelerator platform that we have already developed and refined – The House Residency.

How we help

The House Residency provides access to a world class University, the most important corporations, and a robust startup support infrastructure, which you can learn more about on the Residency page. Beyond that, startups in the AI@The House track of the accelerator will receive the following:


  • AI Technical Expertise and Mentorship – Technical guidance and mentorship from world class engineers and researchers
  • AI Network – Get plugged into a world-class network of customers, talent, investors, and founders of successful AI startups
  • AI Compute Resources – Free physical GPUs and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cloud credits for GPU instances

Apply To The AI Accelerator

Applications for The House Residency closed on March 23rd! Late applications will be accepted for a short period of time.


Our team is composed of leading AI researchers and entrepreneurs who are faculty and alums of UC Berkeley. Their expertise in building AI startups, as well as their pivotal role in growing the AI field, provides them with great experience to draw upon when advising the next generation of AI startups.

Cameron Baradar

Cameron Baradar is a Co-Founder at The House focused on the accelerator program. A proud UC Berkeley Electrical Engineering and Computer Science alum, he was previously 3rd engineer at Mapsense (acq. Apple) as well as a campus startup leader.

Dawn Song

UC Berkeley Professor and security expert. A Co-Founder at Ensighta (acq. FireEye), one of her current interest areas is the intersection of deep learning and security. Dawn has also been awarded the MacArthur “Genius” Fellowship.

Ion Stoica

UC Berkeley Professor and highly cited systems researcher. Ion is the Co-Founder and Founding CEO at Databricks and the Director of UC Berkeley's RISE Lab.

Jeremy Fiance

Jeremy Fiance is a Co-Founder at The House focused on the fund. He is a UC Berkeley alum and was previously an investor in CrunchFund, founder of a health AI startup, and campus startup leader.

Kurt Keutzer

UC Berkeley Professor and Hardware & Design Automation expert. Prior to Co-Founding at DeepScale, Kurt was former CTO at Synopsys and an active startup advisor. Today, he focuses on accelerating deep neural network training and deployment.

Michael Jordan

UC Berkeley Professor and AI & Statistics expert. Ranked as the most influential computer scientist worldwide, Michael is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering.

Pieter Abbeel

UC Berkeley Professor and AI/robotics expert. Formerly at OpenAI, he is a Co-Founder at Gradescope and Embodied Intelligence. Pieter was also notably a Keynote speaker at the 2017 Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS).

Trevor Darrell

UC Berkeley Professor and a Computer Vision expert. He led development of Caffe, popular open source deep learning library. Trevor is a Director of BAIR (Berkeley AI Research Group) and a Director of Berkeley DeepDrive (autonomous driving research group).

In The Press

Industry Partners

We are excited to announce that The House’s first industry partner is Gradient Ventures, Google’s new AI fund. We will be announcing several new partners in the coming months and look forward to sharing more with you all soon.

We would like to thank our partners for their continued support of our program, our startups and the Berkeley entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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