If you apply to The House Residency, you will be automatically considered for The House Fund as well.

If you want to get in touch with The House Fund directly, you can do so by contacting the Fund team.

We support startups who have at least one Cal-affiliated founder. Examples of Cal-affiliated individuals include faculty, alumni and students.

Yes, The House Residency is stage agnostic.


The House is a separate and independent entity from UC Berkeley.

We do however work closely with the University and the UC Office of the President. The University of California Endowment is one of the biggest investors in The House Fund and the team worked closely with UC’s legislative team to pass AB2664, which provided $66MM over 3 years across the 10 UC campuses to support innovation and entrepreneurship infrastructure. 

Investments that have been announced are on our Residency and Fund page. We’re supporting 50+ companies and will continue announcing them over time. If you’re interested in learning more to invest, or partner with our companies, feel free to reach out via our Partners page. 

We’re located right across the street from UC Berkeley’s campus. Our address is 2560 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94704.

The House Residency is an accelerator program. The House Fund is a pre-seed and seed stage venture fund.

There are actually two separate entities for each. The House Residency is run as a non-profit (as are our student initiatives). This allows us to always keep the best interests of founders in mind, be aligned with the educational mission of the University, and work across a wider variety of companies and timelines.

Additionally, The House Fund contributes a significant portion of upside back to the non-profit to build long term sustainability in our operations. So that the success of our founders today can fuel the infrastructure for the next generation of Berkeley’s founders. The non-profit is funded by philanthropic contributions from Berkeley alumni and corporate sponsors.


There are several ways for students to get involved:

  • Join one of the entrepreneurial student organizations at Cal, which you can learn more about here
  • Enroll in the Build The Future course to learn the fundamentals of building a startup
  • Join the team that runs The House’s student-facing programs, which you can apply for in the Officer section here
  • Attend community events. Sign up for our events and updates newsletter to be kept in the loop on that front.
  • Email your résumé and a brief note about yourself to if you’re interested in internship or full-time job opportunities at our companies

Student-run startups are welcome to apply to any initiative within The House.