The House Fund

An affiliated pre-seed and early stage venture capital fund investing in Berkeley’s top student, faculty, and alumni startups.


The House Fund is the first fund fully focused on Berkeley. We help Berkeley founders build the foundations for great businesses.

We saw a huge need for more funding in the early stages—it is difficult for founders to find their first investors. We also believe the biggest opportunities are in the beginning — we like to be the first investor in a pre-seed round or partner as part of a pre-seed or early stage syndicate.



Up to $250,000 – We like to be the first investor and are also happy to participate as part of a syndicate.

Up to $500,000 – We like to follow a strong lead and participate as part of the syndicate.

Pitch The House Fund


Here is a sample of our portfolio companies. In addition to these, we have dozens of other unannounced companies.


Jeremy Fiance

Founder & Managing Partner

Jason Wang

Part-Time Partner

Brett Wilson

Part-Time Partner

Adithya Iyengar

Student Investor

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Image Credit: Architect and Designer — FENNIE + MEHL Architects | Photographer — Omied Arvin