The House Residency is not currently accepting applications. If you’d like to get in touch about your startup, you can pitch The House Fund

The House Residency

The House Residency is an accelerator program built to provide Berkeley students, faculty, and alumni with what they need, when they need it, to turn a startup into a scaleable, venture backable business. We offer investment (up to $120k) to all companies that join the program and work with our companies to raise their seed and Series A rounds of financing to prepare them for growth.


We’ll work with you to map out your next big milestones and build a personalized pathway of resources to get you there – including help raising your seed or Series A round, closing the first few contracts or on-boarding the first few thousand users, bringing in experienced founders as CEO mentors, providing dedicated office space at The House, offering a host of free resources to reduce the cost of running your business, and opening up access to The House’s network of founders, executives, talent, and investors.


We’ve built a program that is flexible and adapts to the needs of each startup that we support. So you won’t find one-size-fits-all concepts like cohorts, group deadlines, and demo days within The House Residency. Instead, you’ll find a more flexible, personalized accelerator program that focuses on the needs and timelines of each individual company.

The Program

Up to $120k in Funding

We invest up to $120,000 in companies when they join The House Residency. Beyond that investment, one of the biggest ways we deliver value is by helping our companies raise the capital they need through The House’s investor network.

Get access to dedicated office space in the heart of Berkeley at our award-winning space  @ 2311 Bowditch Street. Work amongst a community of other founders, gain easy access to The House’s network, and reduce the cost of starting up.

Get hands-on support from experienced founders and operators. Our mentor network includes founders that have taken companies from founding to IPO, founders with previous $1B+ exits, executives across the Fortune 500, and more to help you build your business.

We also have a pool of topic-area experts to help you solve specific problems along the way – from sales, to marketing, to press and communications, to technical support, and more.

Building a company in isolation is hard. Get connected to a peer group of founders in The House to learn from, to celebrate the successes with, and to lean on when times are tough.

Get access to hundreds of thousands of dollars in free and discounted resources to reduce the cost of starting up. A sample of our offerings…

– Over $100,000 in free server credits

– Free and discounted hardware

– Free and discounted legal services

– Free and discounted access to dozens of APIs and SaaS tools

We actively manage relationships with the Fortune 1000 and other corporations to give our companies access to their target customer base and key insights for each via a proven Customer Development Campaign. For consumer companies, we run a personalized User Acquisition Campaign.

We help train our founders to be ready for building and scaling their businesses through a series of events, educational content, and  coaching.

We actively help our portfolio companies recruit for both junior and senior roles with a managed network of UC Berkeley’s best talent.

Every company has a different timeline and associated set of goals. So for each company joining the program, we work with them to set a 3, 6, 9, or 12 month timeline. This helps us serve companies that are working to scale quickly and immediately, while also supporting those that have longer runways or lead time.

The House Residency is not currently accepting applications. If you’d like to get in touch about your startup, you can pitch The House Fund.


We’ve backed several dozen companies through The House Residency. Here’s a small sample of our portfolio.


Cameron Baradar

Founder & Managing Director

Keyan Sarrafzadeh

Head of Business Development

Christine Cheung

Operations Manager

Sarah Sarkissian


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